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MHUBY Or Fulvio Mhu Calzamiglia (FMC)

Last Review 16-08-2008

Born in Borgosesia (VC) in 1966, complete the studies required in the valley native, then move to Milan.

He graduated in biology in 1994 by
eclectic temperament he have many interests, he devoted himself with passion and curiosity to the universe of computing age of 15 years.

Graduated at the school KALAPA SHIATSU XIN  Maiocchi
Street 18 in 2000 participates actively in the life of Operators Shiatsu Xin, taking care of, inter alia, the site:

and the structure internal, structuring the database for the management of members.
In 2002 he was elected president of the Association for two years, and the vice president two years later.
The activity of shiatsu operator is being pursued in parallel to that of technical information.
He has always been attracted by oriental culture dedicated to the study of Chinese calligraphy and the ideograms.
He's building a DB able to catalogue and retrieve quickly ideograms.

For years he studied ORIGAMI creating over 200 original models unpublished.
On many occasions has taken several courses ORIGAMI at schools and centers spread of oriental culture.

He began to work and to learn the basics of computing at ARIS Computer snc, (which leaves after several years of collaboration) and which plays a large number of tasks:
from the construction and assembly of PC, their maintenance and repair, to  customers care, the prompt intervention on site at customers, seller in a store.

In 1997 takes the free profession.

It develops personally then its interests in a variety of computer directions.
Learn from only the operation of DB and in particular Microsoft
Develops the study to create customizations processed through VBA, organizes and holds countless civic courses at the Milan municipal schools and courses directly managed by him at private premises.
In each course textbooks were written entirely by himself.
He participated in the open source projects of REACTOS and eyeOS.

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