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Last modify 21-12-2008

From years at the service of hundred of companies, private customer and professionals.
Versatile Fulvio Mhu Calzamiglia knows all Microsoft© operative systems, whosw follows, studies, admires and hates starting from DOS 3.31.
Hes also worked on other operative systems like Mac Os, Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD.
His specialized on Microsoft © Office applications, which knows very well and hates with the same strength.
He's able to personalize using VBA scripts.
His range of activity is wide and different è vasto e diversified:
    - Software and operative sysytems installation
    - Virus rimoval
    - Data loss rescue
    - Customization and creation of VBA applications
    - Network wiring
    - Network and server configuration
    - Computer maintenance and cleaning
    - Upgrades and restauration
    - Web site creation and management

Fulvio Mhu Calzamiglia contact is here scrivisend a mail

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