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Little shop of horrors

I propose here a small collection of personally taken photos, testifying to the oddities that can be encountered in the pc World.
Some are system errors, others chilling translations without counting the quirks of the users. The result is a beautiful collection of horrors and mistakes...


On my desktop I've quite nothing

So do I
Whitch modem can Iuse today?
I can save still two
or three files
andare meglio

Ma una scarica di successo
fa puzza?

HP two languages...

MS Outlook on W11
uses IE to verify a GMAIM account..
and GMAIL doesn't agree.

W98 in hight res!

hight res exiting!

When Norton is altered...

An Error is an error...

I need a task manager...

Only one please...

If my PC is out of order...
3>8,,, Math is an opinion...

Reanimator to reanimate
OK? - OK!

Only one pr two malwares...


Operation plan...
Installazione applicazioni
Control panel tight
Why this short path doesn't work?

Defrag? Nah!

Like before or better...
Why is impossible to read it?
Questo è tutto quanto
No words...

Quando o finitto di
disinstlarare telo dicho.

Acer backup...
Access is mute...
The first message...
This PC is always been ofline...

Vista can't see.

HP Proprietì
DOS Prompt???
Double cards!?!?!??
Lo rimOUvo e ripartiamo

Epson recognises Vista
like it was Win 95

But what language does he speak?
Come si guadra un filamto???
Oki has doubts...
Oki has many doubts...
But how is big this HD?
INF is never enough!
Someone has seen START button?
Skype in few words...

By click on stop system
the PC disapears!

I Install a pair of bars on IE
so it surfs faster
To protect 114909 files
over 114112, is not simple.
I've many SW to uninstall
I need 2
Like Linux:
many Desktops!

Internet Explorer makes
a lot temporary files...

Vista has a recicle bin
still in DOS...
If I can choose I restart...

I too would be critical of seeing this message..


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