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What is Open Source?
As the name says the software source code is open. that is the code is public and available for use and modification by anyone. Anyone who wants do something can participate in an open source project, so it is pure volunteering, the beneficiaries are the entire people of the internet and not.
To participate in a project you do not need to be programmers, to a project you need people who write impressions, who translate manuals, who try out the programs in development, who also program, of course, who manage the forums, who organize the various sites dedicated to each project, just ask, help is always needed, and if one does not know how to do anything, in some cases you can even make a donation.
Open source programs are now so mature and perfect that you can use them without problems for the performance of daily personal and professional operations.
The environment for which the most has been written is the most famous opensource system of all: Linu. However, porting to other operating systems has often been carried out, and in any case many projects are directly born for the platform.

In this section we propose a very small selection of softare
To make a list of all open source programs is impossible, there are many, in continuous birth and development, but here we want to give a kind of rough guide regarding as many programs and sites of this type as possible. Each category is a boundless universe that deserves much greater attention.
All the mentioned programs have been personally tested and evaluated by me.
The frequency of updates by all development groups makes it difficult to follow and publish all the news in a timely manner.

Good portals related to this fascinating phenomenon are:
Specifically addressed to the world of programming. It contains a large amount of interesting material.
Perhaps one of the best sites dedicated to Open Source. Lately the site has undergone significant improvements, both structural and expected.
Interesting classification of soft categorie
Very rich do Sito nload site, not all of them are open source, but freeare
Open Source for Windows
All Italian site dedicated to Open Source.



GIMP Gimp is a complete raster graphics program. It does not process vector images.
Available Forind Released in both cases under the Gnu Public License (GPL), that is, in free version and with open source code (Open Source) and available.
Processes raster images (a map of piel:

* native (.BMP)
* compressed (.PPEGIF, .png, ...)
* owner (.psd, .PSP, .PC pc..)
* high resolution (.TIFF, .plate, ...)
and many more.
It is equipped with many filters, graphic effects, etc... also importable / exportable to / from other proprietary programs (e.g. Adobe Photoshop), and highly customizable.
It has its own scripting language with which you can create effective macros (script-Fu) and other add-ons, plugins...
The features are easily extensible, and there are many additional features, to download freely from the development site. They will then be added to the extensions.
BLENDER Blender is an open source softare Use the bone structure to create the figures. Available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.
Complete, powerful and versatile flexible program.
Equipped with extensive in-line support material.
Extremely complex and realistic animated films were made. And the list is getting longer and longer from month to month.
The spectacular BIG BUCK Bunn B has been completed and is freely downloadable!!! 
Paint Dot Net The new stable version of the promising open Source program that allows us to retouch our photographs.
Attention: it needs the framesw Ork .NET 2.0, downloadable from the Microsoft site.
3D Cad FreeCAD was created with the softareare open source StCAD: 3D CAD frame Fr All source code is in Smalltalk which is a purely Object-Oriented Programming Language. The development environment used is VisualWorks opensource SW too.
Free CAD FreeCAD is an open Source CA RAD RAD program based on OpenCasCade, QT and PTH It proposes some key concepts such as the ability to record macros ,ork Available for Linux, MacOsX, Windows.
MT Paint Interesting drawing software and photo retouching, numerous editing and filtering tools, well documented manual in html, localized in a few languages.
Sodipodi Very elaborate and articulated vector drawing tool. Born and developed in Estonia is distributed in English version. It allows a control of the generated vector objects really superfine. Typically after installation it does not work and returns an error regarding the lack of a zlib-1 file.DLL.
We proceed in this way:
- install the GTK graphics environment, which is also necessary for GIMP.
- you search for the zlib1 file.dll present in GTK folders you copy it to Sodipodi folder and rename it zlib-1.DLL.
- You search the file libgmodule-2.0-0.dll, present in GTK folder and you copy it to sodipodi folder. It's a little complicated but for a program like Sodipodi it's really worth it!!! Project stopped in 2004. For Linux and Windows.
Inkscape Inkscape is an open source program for drawing, similar to Illustrator, Freehand, CorelDraw Andara Features supported by SVG include basic shapes, paths, texts, signals, clones, transparencies, transformations, gradients, and groups. Inkscape also supports Creative Commons meta-data, node editing, layers, complex layer operations, path texts, and SVG Editing. It can import from different formats such as EPS, Postscript,PNG
The main purpose of Inkscape is to provide the Open Source community with a drawing tool that fully complies with the standard3cml ML, SVG and CSS2 standards. In addition, the development plan provides for a code conversion from C/Gtk to C++/Gtkmm, greater importance to adding functions through the extension mechanism and creating an open, collaborative and community-oriented development process. For Linu e andind
A special feature: in Linux environment edit PDF FILES!!!
ASC Gen Image Converter using ASCII codes. Curious application. It needs the Microsoft .NET frame Installedwt file t starting from images, with the ability to choose the size of the T file t file by number of rows and columns. The .NET framework is only available For Windows.
Font Forge Font Maker for uni OS, MAC OS, and Windows. Very rich in functions and tools for the creation of professional fonts of great effect. At a very high level it is comparable to the most complex commercial softare It has almost all menu commands placed in keyboard shortcuts. Born for UNIX, there is a port always on UNIX, but can work in the UNIX environment for Windows called CYGWIN. You need to install the version with the X11 graphics server
It is also known as DfaEdit.
If you want to create fonts it's worth the effort to install it: it's amazing!!!
Sweet Home 3D Interesting design design of CAD type for the design of apartments and their furniture. Application strumentiava rich in tools, intuitive and powerful allows in a short time to create effective and spectacular projects. It allows the drawing in plan and in 3D. the projects created can then be visited by navigating inside with a virtual reality simulation. Exists for Linux, MacOS , Windows.



XAMPP Complete and powerful web server. Equipped with an APACHE service with integrated PHP interpreter, a FILEZILLA service for uploading files, a MySql service for online management of relational DBs, and a Mercury agent for managing mailboxes. Very small as a program it is able to run on any machine, even locally to simulate a server and test their products before publishing them.
For Windows and Linux, MacOS and Solaris.
SHARP DEVELOP Remarkable integrated development system for C # with internal debugger and compiler, beautiful graphics and the ability to customize. Built for the creation of graphic programs in MS Windows environment. Requires 2.0 or higher.
ULTIMATE ++ Interesting C ++ development environment with built-in debugger and compiler, allows creating C code easily. Excellent system for the analysis and management of completed projects.
Available for Linux and Windows.
OOREX Open Object REXX is an interpretation system of the REXX programming language, for Windows and for Linux. Interesting language that favors concepts and logic rather than grammar and code syntax. It adapts to the context and self-corrects errors. Interesting interpreted and non-compiled environment, it needs its own environment mounted on the system. Quick and fast in writing and creating, with a few steps extremely interesting results are obtained. It comes with a vast package of ad hoc extensions.
Available for Linux (many versions) and Windows.
Python Very versatile and powerful opensource programming language. Present for all major operating systems in the world, including AmigaOS, PDAs and Nokia mobile phones. It has its own internal interpreter. Lots of documentation on the net.
QT Cross-platform opensource system, allows you to create forms that can be used by other programs based on C ++ and higher. It includes a system for creating help. Beautiful interface and ease of use. Very detailed and documented. Requires the presence of MinGW.
ROBOCODE Language studied for the construction of war software robots, interesting project concerning artificial intelligence, the language works in Java, so it works on any platform that has a Java Virtual Machine.
JEdit Universal text editor for any purpose written in Java. It is mainly used for programming, but it can open any file, even non-text files.
Able to understand the syntax of the various languages ​​(130 in all), he appropriately highlights them. You can record macros in it, and over 80 extensions and plugins are available. Being written in Java, it works on Unix, Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, Windows.
 ECLIPSE A remarkable IDE for developing animations and JAVA PHP and C ++ applications. Multi-platform, very versatile and powerful. Full of examples and tutorials that can be downloaded directly from the program interface.
CODE:: BLOCKS Interesting IDE with multiple compiler for C ++ and FORTRAN. Multi-platform, equipped with many plugins to extend its potential. Very interesting.
Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.
Android Studio Complete IDE for android app development, also equipped with a mobile emulator for testing and debugging. This program is a development reference for Android. Available for Linux, MacOS, Windows, ChromeOS.
XCode Remarkable development environment for IOS, Works only in MacOS environment, even in virtual machine. Equipped with a large number of IOS mobile device emulators, including iPhones, tablets and AppleTV.
It is important to download the correct version for the operating system you are using on your Mac.


Although it may seem strange, there are so many opensource games, making a list of existing games is practically impossible. Here are some games taken almost at random, they are not at all representative of the playful universe that is on the net.

Here is a site related to open source games, very rich:

Plane Shift Awesome immersive 3D virtual reality game, very detailed with the ability to play with anyone who is on the net at the time. Rich in boundless environments and very rich in details and very strange and often aggressive alien creatures. The aim is to interact with other players, trade, team up, fight, gain experience. In constant development.
Available for Linux, MacOS, Windows.
Cube 3D subjective game developed with an unconventional and spectacular graphics engine. Very similar to DOOM. Ability to edit environments and change game settings. Experimental: there are no enemies. Available for Win, Linux and Mac.
Space Invaders Open GL The classic Space Invaders revisited in an open GL version, very nice and spectacular, with the possibility to change the game perspective by dragging the mouse.
Nexuiz Open source deathmach game, developed by the bubbly AlienTrap group. With very powerful and fascinating openGL engine. It is played online with other navigators, full of weapons and settings. Great stereo and ambient sound effects. Extremely gory. In continuous development, more and more spectacular !!!
On the site you can see a recording of a match, the richness of the settings, the fluidity of the movements, the soundtrack and the graphic and sound effects are impressive.
Many derivative projects are springing up with truly spectacular results.
Vega Strike Space exploration, battles, trade, in a truly boundless and always varied scenario. Very well managed Open GL graphics.
Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.
DOOM The legendary first-person game has been in an open source version for years. The site I propose is the world reference for the various creations created, there are versions for each type of processor and each type of operating system.
GLEST Interesting management game, in which you rule a people of wizards or men, against the computer governed by an excellent artificial intelligence. Very varied and intriguing, beautiful settings and music. It is possible to download tools to edit the environments and numerous localizations, it is possible to create your own customized translation with extreme ease. The site is very rich in information and graphic material. Created by 7 Spanish guys. From version to ever richer and more complete version.
On the site there are several tools for personalization and user contributions.
Available for Linux and Windows.



Audacity Program for recording and managing audio files. Capable of importing and exporting a large number of formats including mp3, aup, aif, wav. In constant evolution, very frequent releases are released. Is possible to extract soundtracks from videos.
Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.
MediaPortal It needs Microsoft .NET to work
MediaPortal is an Open Source application ideal for transforming the PC into a very advanced multimedia center. MediaPortal allows you to listen to your favorite music, radio, watch videos and DVDs, watch, schedule and record live TV and much more.
There is also a server version.
Only available for Windows.
Virtual Dub Open source program for video editing, it is possible to optimize videos, synchronize them internally, compress them.
Rather narrow as compatibility towards movies, it accepts a small choice of extensions.
Available for MS Windows only.
Video Lan VLC Very versatile, powerful and cross-platform video streaming program, it practically exists for any operating system. It can be used to watch videos directly from the internet without downloading them or to watch movies on your machine. It does not need any codecs and is able to open practically any existing multimedia format, it is perhaps the fastest program for viewing multimedia. It connects to the internet to watch and hear streaming TV and radio.
Available for Linux, MacOS (intel) and Windows.
OBS Recording platform to create movies from any multimedia source, already recorded videos, webcams, video cameras, cameras, microphones, already recorded audio, still images, animations, with the possibility of creating key combinations to change sources and sources and mix them.
Available for Linux, MacOS, Windows.



OpenOffice is a multi-platform, feature-rich office suite. Born from a proposal of SUN Microsystems (the mother of SOLARIS), it has collected collaborations and consents from every corner of the world. The user interface and functionality are very similar to those of other products on the market such as Microsoft Office or Lotus SmartSuite, unlike these commercial products, is completely free for everyone. With free license but for professional use. Extremely interesting are the possibility to generate .PDF files in a very articulated and profound way, from any document produced, and the possibility to convert IMPRESS presentations (the counterpart of POWER POINT) into FLASH animations. Expandable with extensions and can edit PDF files. The speed of development of OpenOffice is unmatched !!!
Subsequently the project passed under the control of APACHE.
Available for Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Windows.
LiberOffice Fork derived from the project following the decision of a group of project developers who do not want to depend on any commercial company. Keep the appearance, the way it works, almost all the code and the working tools included. The extensions are almost all compatible and interchangeable.
Power, reliability and stability are always high. It has a higher frequency of updating and submitting new versions of LibreOffice.
Available for Linux, MacOS, Windows.
AbiWord Interesting open source word processor compatible with all popular text formats. It exists for all major Windows, Mac, Linux, BEOS, QNX operating systems. Simple and easily understandable interface.
Very curly in tools and really quick in opening documents. Perfectly compatible with a huge amount of document formats.
Available for Linux and Windows.
Zimbra Project derived from Mozilla.
This is the extreme evolution of an e-mail manager, an articulated and powerful PIM, a very deep commitment agenda. Equipped with all possible integrations between all its components. It far surpasses Microsotf Outlook PIM in practicality and speed. Multilingual and multi-platform.
It allows you to organize teamwork, activities, production targets and a host of other advanced professional features.
It is a project available both for a fee and in open form.
Available for Linux, MacOS, Windows.



7 ZIP Interesting open source program for managing compressed files. It supports the following types of files in both compression and decompression:
Only in decompression: RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB and NSIS. It integrates with the Windows shell.
Distributed in 63 different languages.
Available for Amiga, BeOS, DOS, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, Windows.
Win Merge Folder comparator.
Interesting comparison by date, size and location. Filters can be applied and the path configuration saved.
Able to compare text files for their content and highlight their differences. Localized in numerous languages ​​including Italian.
Only available for Windows.
Cobian Backup Very versatile and powerful program, able to make articulated and filtered backups with many degrees of discrimination, it allows you to plan activities in a very articulated way, to send report emails and to check the quality of the saving. A large amount of operations are possible before and after the backup. It plans to use sources and destinations locally, locally and online.
muCommander A very well done clone of the legendary Norton Commander, with extended potential and the ability to compare files and folders between different operating systems using networks. Multi-platform (all those with a Java Virtual Machine) and multilingual (23 languages ​​in all), a little gem written in Java.



Firefox Extremely interesting Internet browser, light, fast, safe, very difficult to attack, resistant to malwares, immune to popups, devoid of the defects of his widespread Microsoft colleague, configurable in an absolutely superfine way using the command - address ABOUT: CONFIG. Although its popularity has declined in recent years, it remains an incredibly solid, stable, fast and secure browser. There are tens of thousands of extensions and plugins to make it do all kinds of operations.
Available for Linux, MacOS, Windows.
Filezilla Upload management server. Fundamental to update your sites. Very small, fast, precise, configurable with different profiles. From the Mozilla family.
Available for Linux, MacOS (powerPC and Intel) Windows.
Thunderbird Powerful, flexible, effective, compatible with all other mail systems, with an excellent interface for the import-export of addresses. Multi-platform, multilingual. Also this program, from the Mozilla family, has hundreds of addons that enrich it. Incorporate a calendar of activities. In the latest versions it incorporates a PDF file reader.
Seamonkey Notable cross-platform browser based on the Mozilla project. Much like Netscape (also based on Mozilla), it is versatile, fast and very adherent to internet standards. It features an interesting mail management system and an even more interesting WYSIWYG HTML code manager, very similar to NVU and Kompozer.
NVU Based on the Mozilla project. It remains a very interesting product despite being very old. Excellent graphic platform for the creation of sites in html, with different ways of viewing the work done, from the preview to the code. In all views it is possible to intervene to create the page. Easy, rich and customizable graphic interface. It is possible to upload directly from the program. It exists for numerous operating systems. It does not support frames.
Kompozer Interesting derivation of NVU, improved in terms of stability and operation. Operationally it is difficult to distinguish from NVU, but it is a project still open, therefore in development.
Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.
JOOMLA! Web application online. Interesting Open Source CMS (Content Management System) platform written entirely in PHP for the creation of dynamic, adaptive and elegant sites, which support the management of online DBs. To work it needs a server that interprets PHP, XAMPP is very useful for this purpose in the DEVELOPMENT subsection. Very powerful and very practical, it allows an incredibly wide range of action. On the reference site and on the network in general there are thousands of extensions to make him do endless operations of all kinds.



Celestia Spectacular planetarium with thousands of stars and extraterrestrial solar systems mapped and calculated. With the ability to choose the destination and take a trip to reach it, impressive zoom. Take advantage of Open GL technology. Multi-platform.
Each object can have a personal color of its own orbit.
Liber Liber Collection of all texts for free circulation on the net. Well done and very rich Italian site. Texts in different languages, advanced research possibilities with various methodologies. The texts are HTML, RTF, TXT.
Progetto Gutemberg Collection of over 18,000 books online and free. The texts are in various languages, with different search systems. The texts are only in TXT, rarely in HTML.
La Storia Siamo Noi Official site of the Rai Tre broadcast directed by Gianni Minoli. Very interesting and very rich in information, photographs, video interviews. Done well.
Dodecaedro Online virtual library, all in Italian, with books in Italian and in foreign languages, classic and modern, Italian and foreign. Various file formats, txt, pdf and lit. (for Microsoft Reader).
Librivox Very interesting site dedicated to the collection of recordings of public domain books, it is possible to find books read in dozens of different languages. It is possible to participate in the project as a voluntary reader for the benefit of all visitors.
LenMus Program for learning music, reading and writing scores and performing them with instruments. The theoretical part is very extensive, with a huge amount of multimedia examples, and numerous interactive exercises with solutions and explanations. A very interesting program indeed. For Linux, MacOS, Windows.
GRAPH Simple program for studying mathematical formulas and plotting their graph on the Cartesian axes. It offers the possibility to draw functions by inserting points on the quadrants (he then calculates the formula), insert areas, calculate tangents, intersections, asymptotes, trend lines and much more. Well done and very effective. Multilingual including also in Italian. Available for MacOS and Windows.
Open molecules Site that offers some tools for the study, design and rendering of molecules.
Freemind Concept map designer, with the ability to create expandable branches, connections of various types, clouds that enclose the branches, differently colored areas and many other tools to manage mind maps.
Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.
Calibre E-Book Editor, with the ability to import a huge amount of document types and then be transformed into e-Books of various types, customizable, by loading covers, indexes, external links.
The program can also read e-books already created and create its own library. It is also able to connect with many e-Book readers and update their internal library. A little gem.
It can edit pre-packaged e-books and modify them.
Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. Also in portable version!


ClamWin Powerful opensource antivirus managed by an international community. Able to update itself on the internet, it is equipped with considerable power in the search and elimination of viruses and spy programs. Able to check your inbox, but not very fast in scanning. It has a system for scheduling scans over time.
Only available for Windows.



My SQL Very powerful and flexible opensource relational database. Available for major operating systems. Easy to use, it perfectly supports the SQL language.
TreeLine It is an interesting system of cataloging and tree organization of infinite information.
It is possible to export the tree in html. Also in directory structure. In practice it is possible to transform with a click, a db from the Treeline format into a navigable and structured site.
The possibility of configuration is quite profound. It is a project entirely developed by Dough Bell, who however made the code available with an invitation to modify and use it. Available for different platforms, Linux and Windows. It has the structure of a database, in which it is possible to define the nature of the data to be stored and the types of fields to be used. Use XML files to manage and store data.
GCStar Tool for generating and managing catalogs of all types of collections. The DB is highly customizable and plastic.
For Linux, MacOS and Windows.



PDF 2 MAIL Application that transforms any document into a PDF file and opens the current mail system (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc ...) creating a message with the newly produced file attached.
  Print driver to produce PDF files from any application, with the ability to enter comments and set parameters before proceeding. Only available for Windows.
XPDF PDF File Reader born for UNIX, Mac and SOLARIS, basically for the X11 environment, there is a port for Windows. It must be governed by prompts. 
Sumatra Small and very practical PDF file reader for Windows. It has few tools but enough. Compared to Acrobat Reader it opens files with an impressive speed, at least 10 times faster !!! It allows you to zoom, go to the desired page, view the document with single pages side by side and separate, rotate the sheets.
PDF SAM Split And Merge is the acronym for this SW. It allows you to manage PDF files in a very complex way, breaking them, joining them, extracting pages, rotating them, etc.
Available for Linux, MacOS and Windows.


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