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Believing deeply for years in the potential of Opensource software, I use it as soon as possible.
The creation of this site is the demonstration that open source applications have reached an excellent level of maturity and technical level and that it is possible to work at a professional level with excellent results without the use of paid software.
Everything that is present on this site, writings, images, recordings, photos, icons, PHP and HTML programming, everything was made and thought by Fulvio Mhu Calzamiglia, in his rare (and intense) free moments.
In the various evolutions of the site and in its generations, these have been the main tools used.

NVU, editor HTML
Kompozer, a fork of NVU - SITO
Composer, Seamonkey module - SITO
GIMP, image editor - SITO
Audacity, audio editor - SITO  
LibreOffice, office automation SW - SITO LibreOffice logo
JOOMA, CMS - SITO Horizontal logo light background en

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