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Portable SW

With the spread of USB Storage Media, small physical dimensions and fairly large storage capacities, portable software has been greatly developped and diffused.
Nothing new as technology, but great idea that supports it:
have all the programs we need, text processors, spreadsheets, html editors, mail managers, browsers for internet, image processors and whatever else is possible, all on a USB stick already directly working, without the need for installations or copies on a PC, you stick the stick and you are already ready to act. Great Idea! You can carry the entire office and beyond in your breast pocket! just have a PC available.

I propose some links that offer this miniaturized and ready-to-use softare: Spectacular collection of portable SW, divided by categrory and well documented, whith help how to use ad install on the USB stick, A must!!! Extensive and commented collection of portable, very interesting and well made, divided by categories. Includes sections for Palm and Mac. Very rich site, with hundreds of portable native applications or made portable later, proposes a system of browsing of app inside the USB stick.

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