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Every culture has always produced music, it seems that it is human nature to sing and play. The Internet, being an expression of human culture, is rich in references to music, in every sense. Trade is also part of human nature, and with trade economic interests. On the internet and in the real world music is sold, alas, at a high price.

These are some of the reasons that gave rise to the discussed and questionable phenomenon of P2P (peer to peer, the exchange of files via direct connection of two or more PCs). Personally I think that if producing music costs effort and work, as well as pleasure and satisfaction, if the product is for sale, if you want it you have to pay, that then the prices are high I agree, but downloading files without paying them is illegal and means stealing!!!

One thing that little is known is another very interesting and curious phenomenon:
there are thousands of artists who for various reasons give their music, either for the pleasure of doing it, or for the hope of becoming famous, but the essence is that downloading their files is FREE and LAWFUL!!!
Many other songs then are freely downloadable due to the fact that their rights have expired.

It is an interesting way to meet new and often very good authors, new music certainly never heard by the majority of the public, a new world to explore through the musical genres of all time!!!

Here are some links of sites from which to download free music!! Nice site quite wide and rich, many links of linked sites, often the songs are classical music and are MIDI performed and recorded in MP3. available sheet music to download. Interesting and fun. Large collection of MIDI files and sheet music, divided by composers and pieces. Almost always present music files for FINALE. Huge collection of free songs, in MIDI format, with sheet music of all songs and often photos of the original sheet music. Small collection of MP3 files of various genres, very interesting section on piano songs. Good quality of the songs. Very unique site of Esperanto discs, all discs have at least one free mp3 song to download and listen to. Very special. Lacrymosa Hindustry
French site very beautiful graphically and as content, the group deals produce and distribute static images, movies and music of excellent level and all in the perspective of the cop. Interesting and very active. Section of the site WebArchives, related to free recordings on the internet, are all issued with various types of free licenses and CC. in the various collections appear a lot of music tracks. Soundtrack of the game Thecher On the site you will find a huge amount of other material, including footage of the game, photos, interviews, backgrounds, and an infinity of other things. The game itself is an RPG of extreme rawness set in a violent Middle Ages. Personal site of David John, orchestral composer who is mainly dedicated to video games, part of his production gives it to the world from his site. Beautiful ambient tunes. Nice site full of music all licensed Creative Commons, so free and free by desire of the same authors. Personal website of the Italian composer Fabio Napodano called it-Alien. All his production is listenable and downloadable from his site.


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