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A singular and interesting phenomenon, like the one that interests free music, is that relating to film productions of free distribution.

There are two broad categories of these films: those that have lost copyright due to time limits (and they are all dated but very interesting films) and films whose authors have renounced commercial rights by their own choice.
The greatest production ever is made by countless groups of fans of particular sagas or simple unique films. The fans of Star Wars and Star Trek are very productive, but many other films have their extremely productive and creative followers.
Another very prolific group are the enthusiastic experimenters and users of graphics programs, very often open source, such as the Blender group. The films are often artisanal and in some cases naive, but very interesting and often very funny.
All these productions are of free distribution and totally free and free by decision of the authors themselves.

I propose a small selection of links to sites specializing in the distribution of films without copyright: Reference site that collects a huge amount of fan film sites, divided by topic or THEME, also giving an indication of the number of films present for each group. To be considered as a reference point for the topic. The official website of the mythical UFO series, contains some clips from the films, as well as the acronyms. Nice Site related to The Batman character. Well laid out with a nice gothic atmosphere. Site dedicated to Batman, nice graphics and, as always, nice atmosphere. The makeup of the actors is spectacular and the characterization truly special. Very interesting project in an advanced state of development, Totally Italian that offers one of the many mini-stories parallel to The Star Wars saga, but at the highest level of plot, acting, photography and tricks, in short, a small masterpiece all Italian. Many more or less famous actors are participating in the project, but all with remarkable character and skill. Interesting photography. Reference site for the entire universe of the Star Wars saga, with hundred of movies of every kind and lenght, maybe the best portal on this subject. The site of "Kiss Me Lorena" entirely Italian film of a demented comic genre, well done the effects and the sets. Funny. Site of free video and theatrical productions, very interesting and rich in transversal information that is not normally found through the classic information channels. Section of the largest site w archives, dedicated to everything multimedia and free on the network. The section contains more than 100,000 movies of various types, all free with various types of license. Other public domain movie site, an interesting collection of vintage movies. Extensive and well-articulated library of old films with expired rights, free download and viewing, for each film a descriptive card and a roundup of explanatory frames each bearing the time position in the film. Very well done.
Big Buck Bunny Site dedicated to a spectacular project realized with BLENDER, an open source softare The film is nothing short of spectacular and hilarious. The quality of the details, animation, soundtrack are very high, you can download a 7.5 GB ISO file to recreate a double-sided DVD, information material, the projects of the film, and if you want, the entire backup of the whole project (over 200 GB of material). The first high-level animated film entirely made with Open Source products such as Blender, the project was carried out with the collaborative style typical of open source. You can download the film in different formats, various photos and the complete soundtrack, as well as the CD cover. RAI makes available in streaming and without any advertising interruption (but with lower resolution quality) hundreds of films, scripts, documentaries, fiction, newscasts, etc.all produced by RAI itself. Beautiful thing!!! Did you miss the 84 episodes of "Superquark" or the 14 episodes of "Commissario Montalbano"? Here you can find them whole!!! As its subtitle says, it is a shared collection of digital videos. Not very extensive but expanding, however deserves attention. Join the Creative Commons. It is divided into sections and has an internal search engine to find content. Site managed by the idiotic and brilliant group of Licaoni, from which the pearl KISS ME LORENA derives. Here there are articles and productions of the group. Italian site with contributions from all over the World, films of all kinds, usually short, of good quality. Divided into sections of various types and search system. Well done. Fantasy Film molto very well done, in English, with great study of the sets, acting, location, accessories, costumes. Of all respect, very well done.


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