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Hackers... never enough!

...never enought!

If someone, with more or less refined techniques, for skill or luck, discovers a defect in a structure, well this person is a hacker but has nothing of negative!!! A hacker in the strict sense is a very well technically prepared person, if he has socially positive tendencies he is said to wear the white hat, (like good cowboys in old B/W western films), is a WHITE HAT HACKER, if he works to do damage or for his own gain is said to be wearing the black hat, he is a BLACK HAT HACKER (like the villains of the same films...)

The word hacker brings to mind, in the collective imagination, negative concepts that are not proper to his real figure.

A hacker should be ethical and therefore not produce viruses, does not enter databases for illegal reasons, does not steal your credit card number, in fact usually works so that these things do not happen!!!
Among the features of the strong hacker philosophy is the concept of free information and culture.

Open source is for hackers!

Many hackers has had problems with justice because they hacked computers that contained confidential information that the hackers themselves believed should not be, and made it public. Below are some links related to the hacker world.

GLIDER is a simbol that can be considered the emblem of the hackers comunity.


In itself the GLIDER is a particular arrangement of cells within the life simulation game, an automatic calculation that simulates a colony of cells or animals that live, move, reproduce and die in a controlled environment. Some dispositions are destined to certain death, others to static equilibrium, others to dynamic equilibrium but on the spot and still others in their equilibrium move on the plane. There is a precise and scientific classification of the various types of structures in equilibrium, classified by number of cells,type of equilibrium (static, dynamic, itinerant, oscillating, etc.), number of repetitions and other parameters. The glider (glider) configuration is one of them, it changes shape and in four steps returns the same as itself, but has meanwhile moved into space. Defining this game program is reductive, it is a fascinating system of simulation and study of populations, then being able to vary the vital parameters and environment you can perform many interesting observations.
The Shape Of The Glider within the simulation is very important, as it is in equilibrium, and does not destroy itself, it moves at a constant speed and travels great distances without problems, it creates considerable mutations if it collides with other groups of cells, it can be spontaneously regenerated again by random movements of the cell set. Such a structure can for good reason be assumed to represent the Hacker community. Website of the eponymous technical information periodical hacker. Renovated in late 2008 with new sections and much richer than before. Articles, tutorials, old issues of the magazine and much more appear.

Non-profit organization dedicated to the research, study and solution of problems related to the security of systems and communications in the digital world. The research Team develops tools aimed at improving security and protecting the user's privacy, publishes documents that describe the identified vulnerabilities and indicate possible remedies to the problem.
The electronic aperiodic magazine " BFI " (Butchered from Inside) is designed to bring the inhabitants of the network closer to the world of Linu e
The group adheres to the Blue Ribbon Campaign for the defense of freedom of expression on the Internet.
Official website of hackmeeting, meetings seminars, courses, security, everything you can do with and for hacking in Italy by meeting the experts in person.'s_Life)  


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