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Compaq SLC 286 ENG

The functioning of the machine has not been verified as the original power supply is missing, therefore it is not possible at the moment to make operational evaluations. The physical structure of the machine is remarkable, both in terms of attention to technical details and in terms of assembly complexity. All the components of the machine are enclosed in aluminum boxes built to perfect size, screwed one onto the other following a very precise order. This makes the machine extremely robust and almost indestructible, and at the same time maintains good accessibility to the components for any maintenance. The whole block of the machine is enclosed in a removable casing with a thick and resistant plastic chassis, once the back of the keyboard and the monitor have been removed (just remove a few screws), the machine slides out entirely. Above the box of the motherboard are screwed the aluminum containers of the floppy, the 20 MB hard disk and the box that contains the front panel and protects the 3 ram slots. The floppy is a normal desktop floppy but with power passed through the flat cable from the MB. The hard drive is also 3' 1/2 IDE, with proprietary power cable also coming from the motherboard. The disc is press-fitted in an aluminum case with two foam rubber pads on the sides, there are no screws to hold it in place. The front panel shows the operating lights and the stand-by button. The rams are protected by the front panel box, they can be a maximum of 3, with a particular coupling, comb with 30 contacts.
The motherboard is compact and simple also enclosed in an aluminum box, with slots and openings to pass the connectors for floppy, HD, ram, monitor, keyboard. There is no type of heat sink as the machine does not heat up practically at all. The keyboard is large and comfortable, removable from its housing so that it can be placed on the table for more comfortable writing, as it is located 7 cm from the top inside the machine. The cable is very long and extensible (it has a spring structure), with an easily detachable standard ps/2 connector, even if it is protected by one of the monitor's hinge covers. The keyboard, on the rear edge, has a strange connector with safety hooks, perhaps to connect a numeric keypad.
The keys are comfortable and precise, it is very practical to use, it also has adjustable feet that allow 3 different inclinations. On the sides of the keyboard there are two slits through which the monitor latches pass.
The plastic chassis is very sturdy, it is a single block without joints or assemblies, it has various openings for the passage of the floppies and for the front panel lights. All ports are on the back side. The right front side of the chassis is designed to house a second floppy (in models without hard disk), it is possible to cover the bay with a special cover.
The chassis is closed at the back by a panel that shows the openings for all the ports, and a flap cover to cover and protect them. The right side of the chassis, on the rear, has a small panel that covers the opening for the modem, not standard, but installable as an extra.
Just above the front panel is a sturdy, metal-core retractable handle that is quite comfortable to hold, for carrying the machine. The chassis, in the center, has a large square housing for the battery, which plugs directly into the power supply.
The power supply is made to measure for the machine, like each component which is also enclosed in its box, it has an on/off switch and an external line input jack. Through a flat cable it powers the motherboard, and reports 4 contacts for the connection with the battery. Inside, a fuse protects it from sudden changes in voltage. At the bottom are hooks for something the same size as the machine itself, perhaps a docking station. The chassis has 4 rubber feet in the center of which there are metal contacts probably to engage the add-on.
The monitor is large and thick, monochromatic, at the base there are two cursors for adjusting brightness and contrast, secured by 2 long screws to the body of the machine, a single cable carries the digital connection and the power supply for the lighting, while a separate cable grounds the monitor itself. On the sides of the monitor there are two rather long, sliding cursors which operate two long hooked arms for hooking the screen onto the body of the machine. The two hooks cross the keyboard, also holding it in place during transport.
Overall, the machine is very compact and robust and, apart from the weight of xxx KG, it is easy to transport. Open, on the other hand, it is comfortable to use with the adjustable monitor and the reclining and detachable keyboard, which can therefore be moved away from the camera body.
When it was marketed it was considered a jewel of technology, the price of which exceeded $5,000.

Modell SLC 286
Manifacturer / Brand COMPAQ
Type Personal Computer Portable
Nationality U.S.A.issing
Year 1982
CPU 286
CPU speed  xxx Mhz 
Coprocessor M
VRAM Missing
Floppy Disk 3 1/2 - 1.440 Kb
Hard Disk Conner da 20 MB ???
Mother Board Compaq
Video adapter Integrated
Text Video Mode xx o xx columns per xx lines
Graphic Video Mode #### o #### x ### dots
Colors B/N
Sound Internal Beeper.
Weight and dimensions - wide: 34,5 cm
- height: 10,5 cm
- depth: 22 cm
- wheight: 5,5 kg
Integrated ports Video CGA
Com1 da 9 pin
LPT1 da 25 pin
 Floppy connector 37 pin
Proprietary connector 128 pin
PS/2 keyboard
Operating System  
Other SW  
Keyboard Italian extended 102 keys with numeric keyboard,
directions keys and functions.
Pointing system Missing
Installed expansions None
Manuals None
Power supply Missing
Periferals None
Original gadgets None
Original price 5.000 $
Link Link1
Phisical state In perfect condition, but since it has no power supply, it is not possible to test its operation
Provenaance Direct purchase by the webmaster Fulvio Mhu Calzamiglia, 20 € Radiant of Novegro (MI) 26-01-2008


Chiuso with handle open
Opened with keyborad out
no tastiera
Keyboard can be removed
The wide keyboard
 ps/2 connector
The label behind the keyboard
Connettore strano
The rear side strange connector
Keyboard support open
The support closed
Aggancio su MB
Keyboard connector on the MB
monitor retro
The rear of the monitor
The logo
The monitor removed
Locking hooks
The whole machine out of chassis
Note the battery connection
Floppy and frontal panel
Floppy lato
Floppy side
No alim
Without power supply
No Control panel
Whithout frontal panel
Compaq RAM
Floppy removed
Floppy sotto
 Floppy upsidedown
HD removed near the machine
HD out of his box

Piastra copri MB
The plate covering the MB

Mother board
CPU 286
 RAM's slot
Manifacturer label
Power supply closed
Swith and plug
Power open
Power supply opened...
... and out of the box
The chassis up view...
...rear view...
...front view...
Frontal panel
The handle
Right bay open...
...and closed
Rear panel closed...
...MB ports

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