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The man, since computers are been invented, always is trying to reduce the its dimencions, for carring, storing, using PC in a better way.
At the beginning first computers were built inside a room or a container, whith the invection of the transistor in 1947 and of chip in 1958, quickliy appear macchines very smallest and storable in little spaces. Since this moment the human fantasy and genius created the most surprising shapes and solution. What will you find here is my personal collection of portable computers.

Some links about computer history:

The following computer forms, are concerning my own units beeing part of my collection (over 70 units in 2022), some caracteristics are far from the original because of upgrades during the life of machine.
Almost all units are regoularly working without problems.
The photos collection is work in progress, not all the macchines have their photo gallery.
Every unit has a maniac section about sounds that is possible to ear during the work.
The order of table is by year of construction.

Compaq Compaq SLC 286 1992
Olivetti M10 1982

PPC 512

Zenith Data System SupersPORT 1988
Compaq Portable PC III 1989
Macintosh Power Book 170 1991-1992
Macintosh Power Book 1400 CS 1997

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