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Apple Powerbook 170

Interesting MAC model.
Like all members of this family, the unit is well built and has plenty of ports for outside communication.
The machine is small and robust, the trackball pointer is very comfortable, the equivalent double button system is comfortable, it is a classic mac mouse with the single button doubled so that it can be reached both using the keyboard and using the trackball.
The speaker is in the center of the monitor near the hinges and next to it is the dimmer.
On the back of the machine, the main power button appears behind the flap.

Modell PowerBook 170
Manifacturer / Brand Macintosh
Type Laptop
Nationality Ireland
Year 1991 -1992
CPU Motorola MC 68030
CPU speed 25 Mhz 
Coprocessor nd
Floppy Disk 3 1/2 - 1.440 Kb
Hard Disk SCSI 80 MB
Mother Board nd
Bios nd
Video adapter nd
Text Video Mode nd
Graphic Video Mode 640 x 480
Monitor 10" B/W
Colors B/W
Sound Internal Beeper 8bit.
Weight and dimensions - wide: 28,5 cm
- height: 6 cm
- depth: 24 cm
- wheight: 3 kg
Integrated ports SCSI HID-30
MAC serial
audio out 8 bit
Printer MAC
Modem MAC
Analogic modem
Operating System MACOS T1 7.6
Other SW Word 5.5
Keyboard U.S.A. compact.
Pointing system Trackbal with two equivalent buttons
Installed expansions Internal modem
Manuals None
Power supply Internal battery (oxidized) made in Mexico Ni-Cd
Original 7.5V 3A external power supply.
Periferals None
Original gadgets External power supply.
Original price 4.600 $
Phisical state Fully functional
Provenaance Direct purchase by the webmaster Fulvio Mhu Calzamiglia, 650.000 old italian liras
Notes The battery is oxidized but not deformed, in any case not shorted, as the machine works via power supply even with the battery inserted.


Lato Destro
Right side
Lato destro con i piedini estroflessi
Right side feet out
Lato Sinistro
Left side feet out
Rear open view on the ports
Bottom with label
The dimmer and the small speaker
Battery out
Il marchio ed il modello
Grand and model
Marchio da chiuso
Brand on the lid
Machine working with OS version
Original power supply
Il trackball


The machine starts with the classic MAC sound, which has now become a universal sign of recognition, if it's a MAC it turns on with that sound!!!
Then you hear the sound of the hard drive starting up and loading the operating system. It takes about two minutes to complete the operation.

The keyboard is soft and sensitive, pleasant to use. In the recording it says:
power (SPACE) book (SPACE) 170 (ENTER)

The machine was at rest with the hard disk still, in the recording you can hear obvious thuds which are the clicks of the track ball. You hear the drive restarting, halting some processes, and then shutting down rather abruptly.

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